"To Explore without artifice nor limits"

Maxi-Wild is a showcase and an extension of the WildinisM in its wildest, clean and fair style.
The concept is simple = freedom & total autonomy * & respect Maximum of 7 Steps To Nature program.
* These adventures require experience and a good knowledge of the natural environment crossed ...
To (re) discover the sport in its simplest device.

We hope, in small steps or long strides, to promote the fact that the human being is (always) able to move and explore nature without consuming it.

As an option, every step taken, a drop of sweat and the calories expended can be turned into a donation for nature..


We incited to the passage the attempts of records pedestrian, velocipèdes or on spatulas to be carried out in total autonomy for the equity, the environment and the exemplarity.

"Get rid of the superfluous and get out of its comfort zone to become part of our nature, overcome yourself to live pure and unforgettable moments, while leaving a minimum of traces behind its passage as did our ancestors or wild animals since dawn of time. "