Maxi-Wild Adventure

When you want, Where you want, How you want * -> freedom without bib!

*Subject to the Maxi-Wild concept and the rules applicable to protected areas ...
Legendary courses are offered and you can give free rein to your imagination by proposing / mapping your own Maxi-Wild course here.

* According to its relevance with the above criteria it can be added on the Maxi-Wild Map

Maxi-Wild Adventure Concept (MWA)

► Choose / imagine a route to take on the date of your choice

► Total autonomy and respect Maximum of the 7 Steps To Nature program.
► Change your approach: do not take your car to go to the foot of the summit (s): public transport, carpooling, bike, sailboat or other non-motorized means ...

► During your challenge, optional live tracking (coming soon) and feel free to tag us @wildinism so we share it on social networks.

 ► A posteriori, record your achievement here and it will be highlighted on the site and eventually relayed in our communication (sharing, sending photos, videos, texts ...)

 ► Optionnal : transform your step in donation for Nature
--> an environmental association of your choice relative to the number of kM+ performed *.

* kM+ = Kilometers + Hundreds of vertical meters
Example 200km & 16000md + = 360 kM+.
Simulation: 1 kM + = 10cent -> X euro (s) (depending on your means, sponsors ...)
Ex: you set at 20 cents the "cost" of your kM + on your challenge, you achieve 320kM + = 64 euros to donate to the environmental association of your choice

 ► Each of your kM+ can also be converted into donations by external companies supporting Maxi-Wild.


More info to come soon