A hyphen between some of the wildest mountain ranges on the planet.

 Concept Maxi-Wild Earth

► 100 or 24 hours roaming in wild mountains and preserved massifs
Non-stop or in stages = absolutely free progression during the selected creno.


► By team of 2 minimum with commitment Steps To Nature.


► No official ranking but a kM+ Challenge *
*KM+ = Kilometers + hundreds of meters of elevation gain
Example 400km & 26000md + = 660 KM+


► Interconnected Challenge and live or wherever you are

► Very strong autonomy
No assistance and possible followers submitted to the Steps To Nature charter.


► Live tracking GPS tags - in partnership with Sportrax

► Registration and tracking (GPS included) 100% free but the participants will convert each of their KM + or MD + made donation.
1 kM + = 10cent -> Euro X (s) (depending on your means, sponsors ...) 
Ex: Set at 50 cents "cost" of your kM+ on your challenge, you realize 320 kM + = 160 euros to be returned to your charity of Choice!


Companies or sponsors will also commit to the environment through the Maxi-Wild by valuing the efforts of (all) participants on the basis of KM + or MD + of their wish.


Participate in the Maxi-Wild anywhere you are !!

In order to stimulate the kM + Challenge participants to go beyond the limits and thus achieve a maximum of "not" for the mountain and the wild life, we propose whatever the course of their choice to the wildinist to leave together at 16H GMT on September 19th to the Maxi-Wild (100H) and the 22nd of September at 12HGMT for the Maxi-Wild (24H)
Thus participants from the southern hemisphere will cross the seasons of Winter in Spring and those of the Northern Hemisphere from Summer to Autumn


Thanks to Sportrax’s GPS tracking system with a departure set for an identical GMT date and time for all participants, it will be possible to follow and compare the evolution of the teams live on a dedicated platform with the simultaneous broadcast of photos and videos.