« Let's be the change we want to see for the planet.»

In the preamble we invite the participants to follow as much as possible the recommendations of the STN charter which encourages the Nature community to make some "steps" towards a wilder, more autonomous and sustainable sporting practice.


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Reminder: no registration fee and free loan of GPS and / or tracking application.
To participate you choose at the time of booking the association to which you will return your donation for nature and the value / KM + or MD + made.


You are well informed about the MaXi-Wild with these two faces Earth Challenge and Summit, their commitments and their values ...


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Appointment early September on the slopes of freedom and adventure ...

   Notice to businesses: Support the Maxi-Wild by committing to value each step, sweat and calorie spent by environmental donation participants.

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Wildinist or participating companies who wish to do so will be highlighted in our communication and will be able to use the Steps To Nature logo to highlight their commitment to nature.

Contact : cyrilmaxiwild@gmail.com