""Nature does not belong to anyone ... or rather to all of us, provided we respect it ""

Imagine your route !!

You know a mountainous and wild area that can match the concept of MaXi-Wild*?

You can participate creating yourn own route and respect as much as possible the Maxi-Wild concept and the Steps to Nature  !

Route to build on trace de trail and propose to "others" into the participation formulary*.

It's not automatic but we could add your route if it fits with our selection criteria for "official" Maxi-Wild Route*
*Wild, mythical, historical and above all that make sense -> the tour or the crossing of a mountain, a massif, a lake, a region, a country, an island, a continent ...
Nota : no fee but possibility of live tracking by Trail connect and/or GPS.
To participate you choose at the time of booking the association to which you will return your donation for nature and the value / kM+ made defined at the time of your registration.