Sport Without Artifice... Become a wildinist !!  


September Equinox - a unique event in 4 seasons
Winter -> Spring (Southern Hemisphere) / Summer -> Fall (northern hemisphere) 
This event will take place on the equinox in September at simultaneous venues round the World!
Uncut, the Maxi-Wild is an International, Environmental gathering for mountain lovers, thru the implementation of the 7 steps of the Steps To Nature charter athletes will contribute to the reduction of their footprint while raising money for the support of their designated environmental charity.
Every step accomplished, drop of sweat poured and calorie spent will be valued as a donation for nature.

If it is not a competition, the notion of challenge will be omnipresent with a worldwide challenge in total autonomy via an interconnected live tracking between the participants anywhere on the planet.

Tour : Ecrins et Queyras / Mt Blanc / Vallée d'Aoste / Rocky Moutains...
Traverse : Drakensberg / Sierra Nevada / Réunion / Japan Alps / Corse...
Summit : 1000-2000-4000-6000-8000m… à chacun son sommet !